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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Event Location: Bucks County, PA

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Craig Baudendistel

Bucks County, PA

BENG Chapter Event



Our speaker will be Diane Hasili founder of Hallmark Marketers, LLC.

Presentation Title:    Productivity Tools that Rule

Face it. We are all time and resource challenged.  If you were a credit card, you would be considered "maxed out."  

Do the math.  Shaving just 10 minutes of tasks every hour during a 10 hour work day could provide you nearly 2 extra hours to do whatever you please - every day!  Imagine being able to increase your productivity and effectiveness in your professional career or even in your job search.  This month, discover tools and resources that you can use to amp up your productivity.

About our speaker:  Diane Hasili founded Hallmark Marketers, LLC to provide marketing and advisory services for businesses and business owners.  Diane works with business leaders to identify, develop, and implement new initiatives that drive awareness, customer acquisition, and customer engagement.  She is currently creating a marketing program to assist new businesses and start-ups to launch successfully.

Diane has worked for and with top industry leaders including JPMorgan Chase, L'Oreal, YWCA, MasterCard, Bloomberg, and Merrill Lynch. Her credentials include multiple digital marketing certifications, an M.B.A., and B.S. in Math. 


WE WILL HOLD A SEAT FOR THE FIRST 12 PEOPLE THAT RSVP THEIR ATTENDANCE.  If you ask us to hold a seat for you, please make every effort to attend.

How it works:

1. Each participant delivers an "elevator speech" letting the group know what type of job or specific business connection you are seeking.

2. The other participants share leads, connections and suggestions.

What to bring to each meeting:

1. Bring 20 copies of a ONE-PAGER -- a single piece of paper -- featuring job history, skills, objectives and contact info. If you distribute this page at the start of your presentation, fellow attendees are much better able to deliver feedback and ideas.

2. Bring a “tent card” with your name to place in front of your seat (a folded 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper works great).

3. Business cards



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