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BENG Mission & Information

The Business Executives Networking Group (BENG)
and The Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group (PAGCG) have combined forces.


This website is now up only for reference and will shut down soon.  Please go to to get information about The BENG and PAGCG. 

If you are interested in the calendar of BENG and PAGCG events go to the following link:


BENG Mission

BENG provides mid- to senior-level professionals with a platform to enhance their networking activities and skills. 

Members in-transition benefit from tools to accelerate their job search (including opportunities for networking), targeted employment information and emotional support. 

Employed and self-employed members benefit from a platform to network and cultivate relationships with community leaders and professionals interested in expanding business. 

We rely upon the generosity and cooperation of our members - whether in-transition, employed or self-employed - to accomplish the mission of “Members Helping Members.”


BENG History

BENG – the Business Executives Networking Group - dates back to the spring of 2003. Three Financial Executive Networking Group (FENG) members - Peter Frost, Andy Lupfer and Dave Suchniak - began holding their own bi-weekly breakfast meetings at a Panera Bread in York.

Awaiting their FENG chapter application approval, the trio planned the creation of a multi-discipline group modeled after other executive resource groups. In Summer 2003, the first meeting of what would become CPENG (Central Pennsylvania Executive Networking Group) was held at that same Panera Bread with six attendees.

Tony DiGirolamo, a Committee Chair for the Central PA Chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI), joined Peter. In December 2003, the group received FENG’s authorization to start their chapter and the joint monthly meeting of the CPENG/FEI/FENG was born.

Tony DiGirolamo and Peter Frost agreed to co-chair the group. In February 2004, the first membership list consisted of 30 members.

In 2006, Tony Peluso joined the leadership team and developed the group’s first website. By 2007, CPENG had grown in size and sophistication. Members were surveyed for their input on the future for the organization. A member management and database website was built, and on March 11, 2009, the BENG was born.

As of March 2018, the BENG has grown to over 1500 members with 19 chapters in eight states holding monthly meetings. Locations include: Baltimore MD, Bucks County PA, Charleston SC, Charlotte NC, Metro Denver CO, Harrisburg PA, Lancaster PA, Lehigh Valley PA, Media PA, Newark DE, Northern Colorado, Northern Virginia, Plymouth Meeting PA, Princeton NJ, Radnor PA, Reading PA, South Jersey, West Chester PA, and York PA.



BENG leadership includes a Board of Directors, a management team and chapter leaders. They serve to guide the organization and the individual chapters in their fulfillment of the mission.

Meet our Leadership Team here.


Code of Conduct

BENG members are expected to embrace and act on the principles of honesty, good faith, and mutual respect each other. Members should not actively solicit others for personal gain. This includes selling insurance, financial services or outplacement services. Presenting your business at a BENG meeting is not considered soliciting.

BENG is a voluntary, non-discriminatory, networking association of mid- to senior-level business executives dedicated to the philosophy of “Members Helping Members.”

BENG works best when all members:

  • Assist other members in their job search and networking building efforts by freely sharing contacts with fellow members in a timely and accurate manner
  • Use discretion when dealing with and sharing contact information
  • Provide timely and accurate personal and professional information on themselves
  • Respect information confidentiality
  • Assist other members with relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences as requested and needed to a networking association of members
  • Assist BENG itself through volunteering resources and time, and
  • Complying with BENG procedures and policies, including the BENG Solicitation Policy.

Attendance at chapter meetings and social events is a significant part of the networking process. Members are encouraged to attend regularly and be active participants.

Members are responsible for ensuring that their dues and member directory profiles are current.


Solicitation Policy

As a BENG member, you can feel confident in networking without concern that your information is being gathered for marketing solicitations. We very specifically indicate which behaviors cross the line into unwanted behaviors.

You can find a more in-depth description here.


Conflict of Interest Policy

You should feel confident that the information you get from The BENG, it’s leadership and presenters is reliable and provides real value.

Experts often hold positions in organizations that provide services related to the information they present. This might include, as an example, people who produce resumes, linkedin profiles or coaching for a fee. It could also include individuals selling products such as insurance, tax services and other personal. We work to ensure that the presentations offer real value and are not simply ads for their services.

Read our actual policy here.



Like any organization, BENG operates using bylaws to help keep it organized and focused on delivering value to its members. These bylaws define the organization’s purpose, membership requirements, and structure of operations.

Review our bylaws here.

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